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ARCHIVED FORUM -- March 2012 to February 2022

This is the second Archived Forum which was active between 1st March 2012 and 23rd February 2022


Version 4.45 Controller Chip for Western Europe

Version 4.45 Controller Chip for Western Europe

The follow is a list of the Set Top Boxes available with the Western Europe STB-C chip version 4.45 part number 8344785
Amino M540 PVR
Apple Remote (Apple TV - 2nd/3rd Gen)
Belgacom TV
Belgacom TV (SciAtla IPN330HD)
Canel Digital NL M7
Canel Digital NL Receiver (Philips DST5816/xxx)
Cisco 8455DVB HD PVR
Cisco 8485DVB HD PVR
Dreambox DM 800 HD PVR
Humax DTR-T1000 (YouView)
Humax iHDR-5050C
Humax IR-FOX C
Humax iRHD-5100C
Kreatel IP-STB 1760
Rebox RE 9000 HD
Sony PlayStation 3 (via Nyko BluWave)
Telenet DBAD101
Telenet DC-AD2100
Topfield Generic (PVR models)
Topfield TF6000COK
TViX M6500A HD
UPC Horizon
UPC Philips DCR 8111/03

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